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What Party

Imagine visiting a venue and being told that a party hosting hundreds of people was just held there. You look around and everything is in order and clean. There isn't a single piece of garbage or other evidence of an event to be seen.

“A party was just held here?” you ask, doubtfully. “What party?”

That is the question that four, 24-year-old entrepreneurs want you to ask after their clean-up company called What Party cleans up after an event or special occasion.

A year and a half ago, Romario Creary, Matthew Levy, Nicholas Griffiths and Oliver Turnbull, all Wolmer's Boy's School graduates who studied at the University of the West Indies, founded this ground-breaking clean-up service company. The idea for the business was generated while they were at university speculating about what kind of enterprise they should venture into.

“We were all really close friends and we hung out together,” Romario Creary, the company's treasurer explained. “We explored the idea of other businesses prior to What Party. We always went to parties out of town and we realised there was a need for a certain service-being the clean-up. When we left these events, we always realised there was a lot of garbage.”

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Article from: Jamaica Observer

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