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Jordon Freeman and Samantha Williams, two students from the University of the West Indies students have emerged winners of the National Business Model Competition 2019 and cash prize of $2 million. 

Four of the country’s leading tertiary institutions will renew their rivalry in this year’s sixth Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ) National Business Model Competition (NBMC).

As many companies adapt to the shift of information technology to drive better decision making, Mona School of Business and Management (MSBM),UWI, has posited that the practice of strategy is not isolated from technology but rather, the adoption of information technology should be considered a part of change fulfilment.

Jordon Freeman, a graduate student at The University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona, wants to be the Jamaican equivalent of Elon Musk.

Musk is the CEO and chief researcher of several companies, such as SpaceX and Tesla, specialising in computing and automotive engineering. Like Musk, Freeman plans to establish his own company and to be a chief researcher.

A group of MBA students went beyond studying business principles to engaging in community outreach during their study abroad experience. Led by Dr. Alphonso Ogbuehi, professor of Marketing and International Business, students who participated in the Business in Jamaica study abroad program from March 1-10 collected over 270 books for the Mona Common Basic School in Kingston, Jamaica.

Fifteen teams from four local universities will vie for over $4 million in cash and prizes at the sixth staging of the National Business Model Competition (NBMC), which will be held from March 21 to 22 at the Knutsford Court Hotel, New Kingston.

For the second time in the history of the 51-year-old Jamaica Stock Exchange, the recognition of a book was used in the ceremonial bell-ringing ceremony to signal the opening of the day’s trading.

The Ministry of National Security has engaged individuals from its various divisions in a series of capacity building initiatives, to equip them to efficiently utilize the increase in fiscal resources.

This initiative, which is a Project Management Training, will support the operationalization of Plan Secure Jamaica, which is a national priority.

The Human Resource Management Association of Jamaica (HRMAJ) and the Mona School of Business and Management (MSBM) have entered into a partnership through the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) last week, which will see collaboration on the certification of professional-development courses that are aligned to internationally recognised standards.

The book, Understanding the Caribbean Enterprise: Insights from MSMEs and Family Owned Businesses, co-authored by Dr Lawrence Nicholson from Mona School of Business and Management, and Dr Jonathan Lashley from the Cave Hill Campus, UWI, was used in the ceremonial bell-ringing ceremony to signal the opening of the day's trading at the Jamaica Stock Exchange.


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