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Covid-19 has challenged the world in ways that most of us have never experienced. It has been compared to a war and most of us are fortunate enough not to live in warn torn countries. So it has hit us hard and unlike a war the entire population is engaged in fighting against an invisible enemy.

The Honourable Oliver F. Clarke, OJ

After months of slowdown and in some cases total shutdown the world is beginning to reopen for business. Business leaders are chomping at the bit because they need to recoup lost earnings and find a way to pay for overhead expenses.

Across the world, most countries are subject to varying natural disasters that are life-threatening and usually of high probabilities, bearing in mind their geological conditions and climate. Many of these are clearly defined and even explained in insurance policies. What do I mean?

MSBM Postgrad Student Advisory #7

The Mona School of Business and Management (MSBM) community continues to mourn the loss of Dr Rickert Allen, former adjunct lecturer and DBA Alumnus who passed away on Saturday, April 11, 2020. 

MSBM Postgrad Student Advisory #6

Celebrating Teachers!

MSBM Updated Operational Arrangements (2)

Postgrad Student Advisory 5

MSBM Postgrad Student Advisory #5


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