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Research Newsletter Vol. 1


Research Insights

Creating Business Value through Applied Research

The MSBM’s research strategy is aligned with its differentiation strategy, aimed at fulfilling the vision of being the premier business school in the region through, among other things, the School’s research endeavours.

Faculty and staff conduct rigorous investigation into persistent business and management issues and use their research findings to make impactful scholarly and practical contributions as they strive to remain current with developments in their discipline, conduct basic and applied research, and aggressively disseminate the new knowledge generated.

Research from the MSBM contributes to curriculum development for all programmes and the graduate programmes in particular, as well as informs value-adding engagements with the business community through consultancy and executive education.

This first issue of our Research Insights features researchers who received the Principal's Research Day Awards for 2017 within the Faculty of Social Sciences. It also highlights the upcoming 2017 MSBM Business and Management Conference which focusses on topics that are germane to the discipline of business and management through the lenses of challenges to small island developing states.

Researching Open Data in the Caribbean – In Search of Evidence

Dr. Maurice McNaughton


Data that is readily accessible, typically via the internet, and can be used and redistributed without restriction is an apt description of “Open Data”. It goes without argument that, Open Data can facilitate coordination and planning across numerous social and economic activities to generate a range of benefits at multiple levels. This is potentially of significance to those social and economic agents likely to be data constrained for a host of reasons; in particular small and mid-size enterprises and low income households.

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Understanding the Caribbean Enterprise: Insights from MSMEs and Family Owned Businesses

Dr. Lawrence Nicholson (and collaborator)


Available data suggest that family owned business and MSMEs account for up to 70% of private sector employment in the English speaking Caribbean. In turn, this indicates that the performance of these economies will hinge significantly on the fortunes of these enterprises given that recent flows of FDI to the English speaking Caribbean have been below that recorded for the America’s. This has implications for public policy and should spark the interest of private sector groups that seek to adopt measures to facilitate their growth, modernisation and development; with an emphasis on fostering a culture of productivity and competitiveness.

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Customer value proposition, corporate transformation and growth in Caribbean financial firms

Dr. Trevor Smith


This study sought to establish what customer value propositions are influenced by corporate transformation and can simultaneously drive regional expansion and growth of Caribbean-based financial firms. Its relevance derives from observing that financial firms in the Caribbean appear to need to develop a better understanding of the significance and role of their respective customer value proposition elements, in order to position themselves for regional growth. And, there is a dearth of research to provide guidance to these firms.

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An Evaluation of Software Development Practices among Small Firms in Developing Countries - A Test of a Simplified Software Process Improvement Model

Dr. Delroy Chevers, Prof. Evan Duggan, Mr. Stanford Moore (and collaborator)


A longstanding complaint in the local technology community has been that major Government software contracts are often prejudicial to overseas firms and the local software industry is rarely given a chance to participate, thus limiting opportunities to develop their capabilities. A common response these concerns point to immature software development processes and practices in local firms. Formal Software Process Improvement (SPI) models provide a mechanism for local firms to improve their capability, but few pursue it because of the steep learning curve and adoption cost.

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Mona School of Business and Management will stage its Conference on Business and Management themed “Driving Transformation: Finance, Enterprise Development & Wealth Creation” on November 8 – 10, 2017 at the Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa, Montego Bay, Jamaica. The 2017 renewal of the MSBM Conference on Business and Management is the third in a series that aims to frame scholars and practitioners as partners in the task of rigorously interrogating the theory and practice of business and management with a particular focus on the challenges faced by businesses in small island developing states. For the third conference the School has decided to focus broadly, on the role and impact of finance in enterprise development, especially in the context of small developing economies.


For further information on how you may participate, please contact:

Conference Chair: Dr. Noel Cowell,

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