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Circulation privileges are automatically accorded to persons holding a valid UWI ID and are currently registered in a course at MSBM. A UWI photo ID must be presented on request in order to use the library's collection and facilities.

The library's collection of books is divided into three groups. These are General or Open Shelf, Reference and Overnight. You are required to return borrowed material before or on the due date/time. Failure to do so will incur an overdue fine as follows:

  • Open Shelf - $10.00 per day
  • Reference - $20.00 per hour
  • Overnight - $50.00 per day

The loan period for books is as follows:

  • Open Shelf - two weeks
  • Reference - overnight or three hours

Special allowances are made for staff and faculty. You may speak with the Librarian.

Reference/Consultation Services

Our library provides research assistance in a number of ways. You may email your reference questions and we will reply in two working days. You may come in personally and fill out the required form or you may call in and make the request. We also provide idividualized assistance with research. For these consultations you need to schedule an appointment.

Inter-library Loan

The Inter-library Loan (ILL) service facilitates the borrowing of material that currently is not available in the MSB library from other information units in the network for the needs of students, faculty and staff.

Research/Word Processing

Users are allowed to conduct their research or do their word processing in a comfortable working area. The following databases are available for use: Emerald, Proquest, EBSCO HOST, The Gleaner Archive, JSTOR, Business Source Premier

You may also use the following Internet Search Engine (hyperlink) Google Scholar; Alta Vista, Lycos Search, Yahoo! And AskJeeves (Remember, except for Google scholar, these search engines are not recommended for scholarly papers).

Information Literacy/Bibliographic Instruction

Users are provided with bibliographic instruction in the use of the library, its resources and services. This is accomplished through bibliographic instruction classes and tutorials. It may be done on an individualized tutorial basis or a group presentation. Information Literacy sessions are arranged periodically.

Current Awareness

The Current Awareness Corner keeps you informed of the latest journals in our collection.

Look out for the next journal series!!!

Scanning and Printing

Scanning and printing exists for the scanning and printing of pictures and documents. It is done at a cost of $5.00 per page for black and white and $35.00 per page for colour.


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