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General Area of Academic Specialization
Organizational Behaviour, Quality Service, Tourism
Academic Unit
Behavioural Sciences & General Management
Mona School of Business and Management (South)
(876) 977-3775

As a trained trainer and facilitator, I bring those skills to my teaching. I like to ask my students questions so that they can reflect on the world around them rather than simply learn a list of facts. I believe that the average group of adult learners has tremendous wisdom, knowledge and insights within them and it is my job to tease them out so that we can all benefit. 

My research reflects questions that I ask myself, and they are always practical questions about how we can resolve issues that confront managers every day. Questions that I have asked in the past are for example “Why don’t they smile?” when I see sulky service personnel or “What does professional mean?” when managers tell me that it is an important hiring characteristic. The answers are seldom simple but they are usually interesting.

Some Research Highlights:

Journal Articles 

  • Milwood, Pauline A., and Crick, A.  2021.  "Culinary tourism and post-pandemic travel: Ecosystem responses to an external shock." Journal of Tourism, Heritage & Services Marketing (JTHSM) 7 (1): 23-32.
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  • Crick, A.P.  2008. “No Plantation Work Here: Contemporary HR practices in Caribbean Hotels”.  International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 20 (1): 79-89.  Cited by 11 (GS). 

Book Chapters 

  • Crick, A. P. 2017.  “Island Hospitality, Services and Business”.  In Tourism Management in Warm Weather Destinations, edited by M. McLeod and R. Croes, 63-73. CAB International.
  • Crick, A.P.  2014.  “Food and Beverage”. In Contemporary Caribbean Tourism: Concepts and Cases, edited by S. Roberts, M. Best, A. Cameron, 162-180.  Ian Randle Publishers. 
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  • Crick, A.P. 2006. “EP/Small Hotels: Prospects for the future”. In Tourism: The driver of change in the Jamaican economy? Edited by K. Hall & R. Holding. 71- 91. Ian Randle Publishers.

Undergraduate Courses

  • MGMT2008: Organizational Behaviour 
  • MGMT3021: Organizational Theory and Design
  • MGMT3069: Quality Service Management 
  • MGMT3017: Human Resource Management
  • MGMT3022: Organizational Development

Graduate Courses

  • MGMT6017: Organization Theory and Design 
  • MGMT6130: Food and Beverage Management 
  • MGMT6123: Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations 
  • MGMT6122: Quality Service and Operations Management
  • MGMT6131: Advanced Seminar in Organizational Design and Change
  • 2011, ICHRIE Best Paper Award.
  • 2004, University Council of Jamaica (UCJ) Special Recognition Award in recognition of contribution to the development of standards in Hospitality & Tourism.