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Is there a particular order in which I need to take courses?

Yes. Students are urged to complete courses offered at a lower level (i.e. Level 1) before attempting courses at higher levels (i.e., Levels 11 and 111). It is important to note that each degree programme consists of two parts.

Part 1 (or Year 1) consists of a minimum of 30 credits, normally ten (10) Level 1 three (3) credit courses. These include three (3) foundation courses, pre-requisite courses for Part II courses and/or free electives, and any other courses designated by your department which are not included in the above.

Part II (or Years 2 & 3) comprises of a minimum of 60 credits, normally a combination of twenty (20) Level II and Level III courses.

The FSS Undergraduate Handbook or your departmental handbook lists the course requirements for each programme of study. Just follow the list.

N.B. Students should ensure that they first obtain the pre-requisites for courses they are required to do or are desirous of doing. If necessary, students may use free electives for completing pre-requisite courses.

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