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3rd MSBM Conference on Business & Management - Driving Transformation: Finance, Enterprise Development & Wealth Creation

Mona School of Business and Management will stage its Conference on Business and Management themed “Driving Transformation: Finance, Enterprise Development & Wealth Creation” on November 8 – 10, 2017 at the Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa, Montego Bay, Jamaica. The 2017 renewal of the MSBM Conference on Business and Management is the third in a series that aims to frame scholars and practitioners as partners in the task of rigorously interrogating the theory and practice of business and management with a particular focus on the challenges faced by businesses in small island developing states. For the third conference the School has decided to focus broadly, on the role and impact of finance in enterprise development, especially in the context of small developing economies.

The tag line “Learning, Knowing, Doing”, signals the role of Mona School of Business and Management in knowledge creation and the application of the resulting scholarship to the everyday challenges of business. The theme for the 3rd conference: Driving Transformation – Finance, Enterprise Development and Wealth Creation, signals the desire to explore the connection between finance and the other functional areas of business and enterprise development.



  1. Wealth Creation
  1. Social Entrepreneurship - Financing the third sector
  1. Financing small and family-owned businesses
  1. Gender and enterprise development
  1. Culture, enterprise development and wealth creation
  1. External regulation, self-regulation and dynamic changes in the financial sector
  1. The implication of new information technology for financing mechanisms (from Microfinance to Crowdfunding to BitCoin)
  1. The disruptive implications of new FinTechs (Financial Technology Startups) on the traditional banking and financial sector
  1. Financing development in small island developing states
  1. Integrity in business finance - corporate governance and ethics
  1. The special challenges of sectoral finance
  1. The changing landscape of financial intermediation
  1. Stimulating enterprise financing (e.g. the role of stock exchanges)
  1. Business renewal, continuity and reengineering: The role of the financial sector
  1. Exploring the link between finance and other functional areas of management (scholarship and practice)
  1. The evolving role of Mutuals (i.e. building societies, credit unions, etc.) for social, economic and enterprise development in the Caribbean financial services landscape.


For further information on how you may participate, please contact:

Conference Chair:

Dr. Noel Cowell,

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