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Undergraduate Programmes

Undergrad 2018

Mona School of Business and Management (MSBM), The University of the West Indies, Mona, with campuses located in Kingston and Montego Bay in Jamaica, offers ten (10) undergraduate degrees in the areas of Business and Management.

Our diverse suite of programmes are University Council of Jamaica (UCJ)-accredited offering you a wide range of options; and are taught by the region’s finest academics in world-class facilities. The undergraduate programmes at MSBM provide a strong foundation in the broad functional areas of business, building key skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and leadership.

• Gain knowledge and experience

• Develop your talents and skills

• Prepare yourself to make your mark

• Apply to the real world


As you begin your academic career in the pursuit of higher education and ultimately your career, review our Bachelor of Science degree (BSc.) programme offerings: General Management, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Operations Management, Management Information Systems (Western Jamaica Campus (WJC)), Banking and Finance (offered jointly with the Department of Economics), Chemistry Management (administered by the Faculty of Science and Technology) and Tourism Management.


The B.Sc. (Accounting) programme is designed to educate students on the theories, principles and practices of accounting. Students who take this major are qualified to commence a career as an accounting professional upon graduation. Courses in this programme include business law, financial management, auditing, taxation and management accounting.

The Banking and Finance Degree programme is jointly offered by the Departments of Economics the Mona School of Business and Management, drawing upon course offerings from both departments.
This programme seeks to develop a formally trained cadre of banking and Finance industry, Caribbean Professionals. It targets persons who desire formal academic qualifications to bolster their work experience and advance their technical competencies. 

This Major is offered by the Faculty of Science and Technology. Courses in both chemistry and management are taken by students in this programme. Among the management courses offered in this major are organizational behaviour, business law, financial management and business strategy and policy. Students interested in taking this Major should seek information from the Faculty of Science and Technology.

The Entrepreneurship Major will expose students to the entrepreneurship scholarship, engage them in entrepreneurial thinking and involve them in the best available practices with respect to entrepreneurship and business innovation. The degree is suited for at least five groups of participants:

  • Those who are planning to establish their own business ventures;
  • Those who have existing business, but wish to equip themselves with the 'cutting edge techniques' for operating in situations of innovation, change and uncertainty.
  • Those who wish to work in existing organization, but hope to drive innovation and change in these entities;
  • Persons in other areas of study who wish to equip themselves with the best practices in entrepreneurship.
  • Those who want to pursue further studies in Entrepreneurship at the graduate level.

The General Management Degree offers students a broad-based education in a number of core areas deemed critical to the successful management and operation of private and public sector enterprises. Students who take this major take courses in areas such as organizational behaviour, production and operations management, business communication, management of change, international business management, and management accounting.

The Human Resources Management Programme is designed to educate students on the core theories, principles and practices of managing people in organizations. Students enrolled in this Major sit courses in organizational theory and design, industrial relations, business negotiations, team building, management of change, human resource management, among others.

Mona School of Business and Management strives to create relevant, innovative, high-quality programmes for our valued students. Students in this Major cover courses in areas such as: Marketing, Accounting, Operations Management and Computer Sciences. These courses have proven to be relevant in the development of a major that demands a response to the “every-day” changes in the Management Information Systems (MIS) discipline.

The B.Sc. (Marketing) degree programme offers students a rigourous exposure to the qualitative and quantitative aspects of marketing. Marketing has always been a very dynamic field and has become even more so with the advent of online businesses. Students in this programme while being taught the latest theories and principles can expect very lively discussions in their marketing strategy, consumer behaviour, international marketing, and marketing research courses, among others.

Operations Management is about how a business uses inputs such as labour, machinery and raw material to produce saleable goods and services. For a business to maximize profit, this process of transforming inputs into outputs must be done efficiently. Operations scientists have developed mathematical and scientific theories as to how businesses should operate for optimum outcome. Students in this Major take courses in production and operations management, productivity and quality management, quantitative methods and research principles, production planning and control, and project management, among others.

This programme provides students with a well rounded experience. The internship and language requirement will provide students with a unique international experience as well as a competitive advantage when seeking employment in the industry.

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