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Vincent Hosang Benefactor

Experiential learning and innate talent are without a doubt the twin sources of the success which marks the life of Vincent HoSang OD, CEO of Royal Caribbean Bakery and Caribbean Food Delights Inc, of New York, USA. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry HoSang, immigrants to Jamaica, from China, who had settled in Springfield St. James, Vincent HoSang was the eighth child of ten; six boys and four girls. He like the rest of his family became a part of an approach to life that was innovative, flexible, dynamic and growth-oriented.

Yet, it is also true that the principles of business - how to capitalize on change, identify opportunities and marshal resources, were in fact also learned by Vincent HoSang at the feet of his parents. 

From an early age, he helped to operate his family’s General Store and Bakery, first in St. Elizabeth and later in Montego Bay and Kingston.

Having migrated to the Bronx, his first job saw him earning a minimum wage of  US$1.60 per hour, five years later in August 1976 he met his wife Jeanette. Vincent's diligent saving, planning and the use of early learned skills, his desire to actively seek and identify the right opportunity to open a business was soon rewarded. Just two years later, “Kingsbridge Delight” was opened in West Bronx in February 1978.

Growing by acquisition, in December 1980, another business was purchased on Dyre Avenue and the Royal Caribbean Bakery was established and subsequently operated as a retail bakery. The business has now expanded to include Caribbean Food Delights which became the frozen food division of the Royal Caribbean Bakery.

Most importantly, Vincent HoSang, through his business has continued to demonstrate corporate responsibility by giving back to the community some of the fruits of his success. Now, through the Vincent HoSang Entrepreneurship Programme, he expands the opportunity for entrepreneurial learning to others, enhancing the development of the skills of entrepreneurship so that others would follow in his footsteps. In 2015, Dr. Vincent Hosang, was conferred with the Order of Jamaica for philanthropic and dedicated service to Jamaica and the Jamaican Diaspora in New York.

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