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What is the procedure for requesting a course Override?

If a student has received an error in trying to Add/Drop Classes due to non-fulfillment of pre-requisites or co-requisites, course quota or credit limit restrictions, the student may choose to proceed by requesting an override for that course by clicking on the Request Override link. Alternately, the student may go directly to request an override from the main menu using the following:

Log-in to SAS Student Services Registration Request for Course Overrides Then:

  • Select the relevant course(s) from the drop-down listing.
  • Type a message to the Faculty explaining reasons for requesting the override (optional)
  • Click on Submit Request.
  • Revisit the Request for Course Overrides site to monitor Faculty decisions.
  • Courses which have been granted Faculty or Departmental Override should then be added to your record. Please note that overrides requested may not be approved but instead, may be declined.

N.B. Unless you previously attempted to add the course to your record using the Add/Drop page (and received an ERROR), that course will not be available to you.

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