Shaulene Stanley

Lecturer & BScN Programme Cordinator
MScN, BScN, Cert N Ed, RN


  1. Stanley, S., Walters, D., Weaver, S., Stennett, R., James, C. & Lindo, JLM. (2016). Evaluating the implementation of a Preceptorship Training Programme. Caribbean Journal of Nursing, 3(1) Suppl. 4.

Paper Presented (Oral Presentation):

  1. Blake-Mowatt, C., Lindo, JLM., Stanley, S. & Bennett, J. “A description of registered nurses’ documentation practices and their experiences with documentation in a Jamaican hospital”. Ministry of Health Jamaica, 3rd Annual National Research Conference, Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, Kingston, Jamaica, November 22-23, 2012.

  2. Gordon King, V., Lindo, JLM., Stanley, S. & Barton-Gooden, A. “ Factors contributing to medication errors among nurses at an urban hospital in Jamaica”. West Indian Medical Journal 61 (Suppl. 6).