How To Apply

Application for financial assistance and scholarships and bursaries begins with the completion of the application form. The application form must be completed regardless of the type of assistance in which the student is interested. Applications will be considered by the Financial Assistance Committee who will, based on the information provided by the student, determine which type of assistance will be offered.

The application form for General Financial Assistance must be completed online via the SAS portal and a hardcopy of the referee's affadavit be submitted to the office. 

The application form for Scholarships and Bursaries must be downloaded from this site. 

NOTE: Incomplete application forms will NOT be processed.

Kindly refer to the Eligibilty Requirements.


Persons from whom references may be obtained

    • Senior member of the UWI academic staff (e.g. lecturer) 
    • Student Services & Development Managers (SSDM)
    • UWI Counselors (Health Center)
    • Justices of the Peace
    • Ministers of Religion
    • High School Principals/Vice Principals/Guidance Counsellors