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Office of Student Financing

Friday, 26 April 2019

Office of Student Financing Day, popularly called “OSF DAY” was held in the beautifully decorated Human Resources Conference Room, of the UWI Mona Campus on March 29, 2019.

OSF Day 2019 promoted the theme: “Unlocking your potential…Discovering the possibilities” and the event did not fail to unlock the interest of students who came in droves, eagerly anticipating the four (4) sessions scheduled for the day:

Financial Planning & Management

Managing Stress, Time & Conflicts

Self-Empowerment & Personal Social Responsibility

Ethics/Being Ethical

The first session, Financial Planning & Management, was delivered by OSF’s esteemed manager herself, Ms. Shana Hastings. A Fellow Chartered accountant, Ms. Hastings discussed ways to become financially literate: creating budgets, maintaining monetary discipline while simultaneously dismantling popularly perceived myths surrounding financial planning, such as waiting until retirement to start saving – myths which have led young adults to distress well before their mid-30s. She also shared the roles and duties of the Office of Student Financing, which essentially offers undergraduate students with numerous sources of funding their tertiary education.

Managing Stress, Time & Conflicts was delivered by the exuberant and humorous Ms. Carla Moore, a lecturer at the Western Campus. This session provided one integral ingredient in managing stress – laughter! While effortlessly transitioning from Patois to Standard English, Ms. Moore was able to offer invaluable tidbits on the importance of self-care, self-control and above all, self-awareness which all leads to reduced stress.

The incomparable Dr. K’Adamawe Knife, a well-known lecturer at the Mona Campus, provided a thought-provoking presentation on Self-Empowerment & Personal Social Responsibility by taking students on a journey of “the good ol’ days”, discussing symbolisms of excellence embedded within our heritage and urging students to seize and create opportunities that lead to excellence.

Dr. Camille Bell-Hutchinson, Campus Registrar at the UWI Mona Campus offered motivating words on the final session of the day – Ethics/Being Ethical. What better way to bring together all the topics discussed before, than teaching an individual the importance of integrity? This session no doubt, left students with a desire to become better individuals who not only manage their time and finances well, but also live their lives in such an exemplary way that it inspires others to feel positively empowered.

One student described OSF Day 2019 as “fun and interactive”, while another called it “life-changing”. Certainly the Office of Student Financing achieved its primary goal as OSF Day 2019 unlocked potentials and even exposed students to possibilities that once seemed galaxies away, but with encouraging words of wisdom are now within their reach.


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