Student Academic Enrichment Fund


The Student Academic Enrichment Fund is geared towards the provision of assistance to students to enable them to attend/participate in conferences, academic exchanges and activities which could further enrich and/or enhance the quality of training provided at UWI.

The Fund supports activities such as:

  • Attendance at conferences/seminars/workshops;

  • Participation in UWI sponsored field trips & educational tours;

  • Exchange programmes

Students must complete an application form, supplying all the information requested which includes a detailed budget, supporting invoices, student's contribution and other relevant documents. Applications should be routed through the Head of Department and/or the Dean of the Faculty to which the student belongs as they must approve the student’s attendance at the conference/seminar/workshop/exchange/activity.

  • Applications must be supported by a statement from the Head of Department outlining the value of the activity for the student’s academic enrichment.

  • Applicants must provide evidence of all other grants received from UWI or other sources.

Eligibility Requirements

Download Application Form