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Seminar Series

Semester 1

A series of seminars given by various industry personnel, government or other relevant energy sector personnel as well as student project proposals. The topics for the seminars will be chosen by the course coordinator based on the implications of what is currently being discussed in the energy sector. Students will get the opportunity to hear what is currently relevant in industry and use this
course to refine their research project and sharpen their presentation skills.


This is a 2 credit course required for the MSc. in Advanced Electronics Systems graduate degree. It assumes that the student already has some familiarity with the basic concepts and terminologies of renewable energy. All students enrolled in this course are required to give presentations during the graduate seminar courses. Attendance at each seminar is mandatory for all students enrolled.


• In-class participation and assessment 20%
• Coursework/seminar presentations 80%

Learning Objectives: 

1. To create an opportunity for students to practice speaking/presentations and receive feedback from other students, faculty and researchers
2. To sharpen skills that will improve effective seminar presentations in settings such as thesis dissertation defence, professional meetings, or job interviews
3. To facilitate formal interactions among graduate students and faculty members and promote academic exchange and feedback in the department
4. To provide a platform for students to begin planning their final research projects and help them to develop an awareness of research methodologies in the field of Renewable Energy.

Course Code: 
2 Credits
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