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Dosimetry, Instrumentation and Calibration in Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology

Semester 1

This Clinical Training course is designed to guide students through best practices in dosimetry using modern equipment and techniques. Students will be actively involved in the calibration and dosimetry of diagnostic radiology using equipment such as ionization chambers. Students will be exposed to commonly used relative dosimeters such as TLDs and Film. Accurate dosimetry is required to optimize image quality and guarantee the safety of patients and practitioners. The optimization of dose while retaining good image quality is an important component to the clinical experience for medical physicists.

  • Ionizing radiation dosimetry and principles of measurement
  • Non-ionizing radiation quantities and principles of measurement
  • Radiological test equipment, measurement, and practice
  • Dosimetry system calibration
  • One Written Report 40%
  • Clinical Evaluations 60%
Learning Objectives: 

On successful completion of the course, students should be able to:
1. Apply diagnostic radiology dosimetry for ionizing radiation, including the use of dosimetric phantoms.
2. Apply the principles and safety of non-ionizing radiation as used in diagnostic radiology.
3. Operate radiological test equipment.
4. Apply principles needed to maintain traceability of equipment calibration and the skills to perform necessary calibrations

Course Code: 
2 Credits
Level 2
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