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Radionuclide Therapy using Unsealed Sources

Semester 1

This Clinical Training course is designed to expose the student to principles and practices of Radionuclide therapy. Students will be actively involved in the planning and delivery of nuclear procedures for therapeutic purposes. Radionuclide therapy is a rapidly expanding cancer treatment modality, both in terms of the number and range of procedures given. The role of the physicist in
radionuclide therapy encompasses radiation protection, imaging and dosimetry


• Treatment Procedures using radionuclides
• Selection of Radiopharmaceuticals for Nuclear Medicine Therapy
• Dosimetry for radionuclide therapeutic procedures
• Radiation safety precautions for therapy using unsealed radionuclide source


• One Written Report (2000 words) 40%
• Clinical Evaluations 80%

Learning Objectives: 

On successful completion of the course, students should be able to:
1. Implement the principles of radionuclide therapy
2. Implement facility design for therapy using unsealed sources
3. Apply treatment protocols with an appreciation of the rationale of the therapy
4. Implement fundamental principles of individual radiopharmaceutical treatment
5. Estimate radiation absorbed doses for therapy procedures involving radionuclide
6. Perform an audit on radiation safety of unsealed radionuclide sources used in therapy

Course Code: 
1 Credits
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