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Semester 1

This seminar course is designed for students to provide updates on the progress of their research project. All students enrolled in this course are required to give presentations during the graduate seminar courses. Attendance at each seminar is mandatory for all students enrolled. The graduate seminar course will integrate lectures, class discussions, assigned readings, case study analysis, oral and written presentations to help the students complete the research project.

  • Seminar presentations.
  • This course uses synchronous and asynchronous technology for delivery over a 6-week period of the semester. Teaching methods may include the following:
    • Presentations and
    • Discussions on the preparation and progress of research projects.
  • Discussions 20%
  • Presentations 80%
Learning Objectives: 

On successful completion of the course, students should be able to:
1. Identify areas of need and design targeted research projects around them.
2. Concisely present research methodologies and findings in project reports.
3. Participate in intellectual discourse in matters relating to clinical medical physics

Level I, II, III MSc. Clinical Medical Physics
Course Code: 
1 Credits
Level 2
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