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Renewable Energy Research Project

Semester 1

A project based on material taught in the taught courses, supplemented by private study of literature suggested by the supervisor plus practical work where appropriate. The aim of the project is to provide the student with the opportunity to conduct research on an open-ended topic of relevance to the alternative and renewable energy sector.
The project must be carried out individually and be supervised by an accredited advisor. Assessment will be on the basis of the advisor’s report, an individual dissertation, and an oral presentation


The project may take any of several forms:

  • • it may be hardware or software based, theoretical/practical or a combination;
  • • it will focus on RE management issues, or on the economic, social and/or policy issues related to the development of renewable energy technology;
  • • it should be predominantly of a research nature and aim to make a small but unique contribution to the chosen subject area.
  • Dissertation 80%
  • Seminar 20%
Learning Objectives: 
  1. Knowledge and Understanding - At the end of the project students should have gained knowledge and understanding of the general RE management principles and the particular problems of application in the chosen subject area.
  2. Skills and Attributes
    1. Intellectual - To understand the needs to formulate objectives and to plan adequately in terms of both methodology and time management.
    2. Practical - To design and execute the project to a successful conclusion, while dealing in the process with providers of hardware, software and information.
    3. Transferable - To analyse experimental data, to solve specific numerical and conceptual problems, and to work with superiors and peers to achieve smooth and timely progression of the project. Use of published information and search engines to identify the state of the art in the chosen subject area.
Course Code: 
9 Credits
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