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Undergraduate Program

UWI Admission Requirements


Applicants should have the equivalent of 5 subjects (grades 1-3, including English Language) of which two (2) should be at the advanced level CAPE (2 units each) at grades 1-5, to be eligible for the full time 3 year degree programmes.

For additional information, visit the Undergraduate Admissions section.


Physics Department Admission Requirements

In addition to fulfilling general requirements for admission into the Faculty of Science and Technology, applicants must have passes in CAPE Physics (Units I & II) OR GCE A-Level Physics OR PHYS0411, PHYS0412, PHYS0421, PHYS0422 OR CSEC Physics/GCE O-Level.

Physics and CAPE Mathematics (Units I & II)/GCE A-Level Mathematics/MATH0100, MATH0110

Program Structure

The undergraduate program in Physics provides a deep understanding of both classical and modern physics. The duration of the undergraduate degree is 3 years. In the first year of the program every physics major* does the following core courses:

First Year
Semester 1 (September - December) Semester 2 (January-May)
MATH1141 -Intro to Linear Algebra and Analytic Geometry ELET1500 - Electric Circuit Analysis
MATH1185 - Calculus for Scientists and Engineers PHYS1421 -Electricity and Magnetism
PHYS1411 - Mechanics PHYS1422 - Modern Physics
PHYS1412 - Waves, Optics & Thermodynamics  


In your second year of study, the following core courses are done in the first semester:

Second Year

Semester 1 (September - December)
PHYS2300 - General Physics Lab 1
PHYS2351 - Quantum Mechanics and nuclear physics
PHYS2386 - Electromagnetism and Optics


After second year first semester, most of the core courses that are done are specific to the selected major. You are also required to select at least 2 other courses as electives.

*The course list above is slightly different for some majors, further information can be found in the Faculty Handbook here. Additional information about the special BSc programs can be found here.

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