Job Preparation

  • Writing an Impressive Cover Letter

    The cover letter accompanies the resume. It is usually read before the resume and, therefore, should encourage the recruiter to take an interest in reading your resume. Since it is the first contact with the employer it must be grammatically correct, neat and attractive in print and layout.

  • Preparing Effective Resumes

    In organizing your job search one of the important things that you must do is prepare an effective resume. A well-prepared resume should guarantee you that job interview which you seek.

  • Re-assessing Your Job-Hunting Strategies

    As we approach the turn of the new year, there are people whose wish for 1996 is to obtain suitable job offers. The job-hunting process for these individuals is continued from the previous year. The search for jobs is becoming more and more prolonged as the gap between the demand and supply is increasing.

  • Preparing for a Changing Job Market

    When planning your career, preparing to be marketable now and beyond the year 2000 is very important. As companies undergo changes including growing internationally rather than domestically they become selective in whom they hire and the skills they seek in new employees.

  • Ensuring Job Selection in a Competitive Job Market

    Over the past year or two there is no reason to doubt that the opportunities for accessing jobs in public and private organizations have been drastically reduced. Organizations, in order to survive have had to create changes in structure and technology.

  • Hints for a Successful Interview

    At this time of the year many young graduates are getting ready to enter the world of work and therefore must prepare themselves for an interview. This of course, is after they have submitted a cover letter and a resume to a prospective employer.