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Welcome Message - Professor Minerva Thame

Professor Minerva ThameWelcome and thanks to the graduate students for their interest and joining the Graduate School at Mona, UWI, the number one University in the Region with its over 70 years of existence. The UWI is the primer University in the Region that offers a wide array of Graduate Programs.

Every year, The UWI attracts a promising set of students to add to an already dynamic community. Upon acceptance, you have become a part of a welcomed member of a vibrant, highly innovative environment. Our graduate students are the heart of our research and creators of new knowledge that will become added to the world’s literature which will continue to improve our image. Their work supervised by hard-working lecturers has led to ground-breaking research that has been recognized internationally.

We aim to develop our students into visionary scholars and have them become the new generation of leaders, thinking outside of the box and contributing to solutions of our Island Nations and the wider world. We aim to ensure that our graduate students have the best possible experience and hope to prepare them for a variety of careers. We aim to provide our students with an education that will prepare them to thrive academically, professionally, and personally both through their sojourn in their studies and continuing even after they graduate into their professional life.

Our student’s experience should not be confined to the classroom but they will be encouraged to become involved in one or more of the several clubs and societies that exist on the Campus, as we strive to develop a well-rounded individual who will be well equipped to integrate into the wider society.

We are here to support you through your journey at The UWI as our doors are always open to facilitate and guide you to completion.

Professor Minerva Thame

Director, Graduate Studies and Research

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