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Welcome Message - Rose-Marie Belle Antoine

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Graduate Studies at the University of the West-Indies. It is our honour to have you since we know that there are many choices out there and graduate study is one approached with maturity, particular focus and commitment. We are confident that your journey with us will be rewarding given that The UWI is the premier tertiary institution in the region and now ranked among the best in the world, constantly moving up in the global rankings.

Graduate studies is of particular importance in the life of any university. It is here that the most sophisticated and critical thinking type of learning takes place, enhancing the opportunities for our graduates to be beacons in important positions in the region. The research that is expected out of the graduate division in any university is of special note. It is research – cutting edge research, relevant research, that will uplift the community and catalyse genuine development, that gives a university its pride of place in any society and region. Here at The UWI, research is the bedrock of our academic character, being not only a teaching institution, but a research academy. Governments, NGOs, institutions and even the public rely on us to lead the way in research so as to improve all of our lives. I hope that this knowledge can inspire you in your own work.

While you come to us at a most grave and difficult time in the world’s history – in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, I hope that this will not deter you in your mission. Perhaps there may even be silver-linings joining a graduate program at this historic moment. Know, however, that The UWI is here to support you to enable and sustain your well-being and to bring you to success. I wish you every good wish as you overcome all of the obstacles in your way and live up to the Excellence that is the motto of this revered institution. Once again, Welcome and Best Wishes.

Professor Rose-Marie Belle Antoine

Pro-Vice Chancellor, Graduate Studies and Research.

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