Andre Haughton

PhD MSc BSc (hons)
Department of Economics
Courses Taught: 

ECON2006 - Economics Statistics
ECON2008 - Statistical Methods I
ECON2010 - Statistical Computing
ECON3049 - Econometrics I

Research Interests: 

International Finance
Monetary Economics
Theoretical and applied econometrics for time series, cross sectional and panel data
Advanced econometric techniques to address issues in (i) Financial Economics, (ii) Social Entrepreneurship, and (iii) Social Value in Non-Profit Organisations

Professional Affiliation(s): 

President, Valley Foundation: Charity Organizations

Recent Publications: 
  • Haughton, A.Y. and Iglesias E.M., (2011), ‘Assessing Long Run Money Neutrality in Monetary Unions’, International Journal of Finance and Economics; published online 5th of October, 2011.


  • Haughton, A.Y. and Iglesias E.M., (2012) ‘Interest rate volatility, Asymmetry interest rate pass through and the monetary transmission mechanism: A comparison between Asia, the Caribbean and the US’. Economic Modeling, 29:2071-2089.


  • Haughton, A.Y. and KnIfe, K.A.H. ‘Social Entrepreneurship- reducing crime and improving the perception of police performance within developing countries’, Accepted to be published in the International Journal of Entrepreneurship July 26th, 2012.


  • Haughton, A.Y. and Iglesias E.M. (2011), ‘The Interaction between Monetary Policy (interest rates) and Stock Prices: A Comparison between the Caribbean and the US, Accepted to be published in Journal of Empirical Economics, August 25th, 2012.
Teaching/Research Philosophy: 

Proper preparation prevents poor performance.