Nadine McCloud

PhD in Economics
Courses Taught: 

ECON3049 - Econometrics I
ECON3067 - Applied Econometrics
ECON6003 - Econometrics I
ECON6026 - Econometrics II

Research Interests: 

Baysian Econometics and Statistics
Econometric Theory
Economic Development
Empirical Macroeconomics
Matrix Analysis
Political Economy
Time Series Econometrics

Professional Affiliation(s): 

American Economic Association
American Mathematical Society
Econometric Society
International Society for Baysian Analysis

Recent Publications: 

“Testing the Structure of Conditional Correlations in Multivariate GARCH Models: A Generalized Cross-Spectrum Approach,” by Nadine McCloud and Yongmiao Hong, International Economic Review, Forthcoming.
“Institutions, Foreign Direct Investment and Growth: A Hierarchical Bayesian Analysis,” by   Nadine McCloud and Subal Kumbhakar, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A, Forthcoming.
“Do Subsidies Drive Productivity? A Cross-Country Analysis of Nordic Dairy Farms,” by Nadine McCloud and Subal Kumbhakar, in Advances in Econometrics (2008), Vol. 23, pp. 245-274.
“Non-Parametric Tests of the Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Separability,” by Barry Jones, Nadine McCloud and David Edgerton, in William Barnett and Apostolos Serletis (Eds.) Functional Structure Inference, International Symposia in Economic Theory and Econometrics (ISETE), (2007), Vol.18, pp. 33-56.
“A Connection between Schur Multiplication and Fourier Interpolation II,” by Nadine McCloud and Raymond McEachin, Mathematische Nachricten (2006), Vol. 279 (12), pp. 1335-1358.