Rose Johnson

PhD in Psychology
Sociology, Psychology and Social Work
Courses Taught: 

PSYC2002 - Abnormal Psychology
PSYC6027 - Psychological Assessment-Child 
PSYC3021 - Behaviour Management
PSYC6029 - Psychological Assessment-Adult

Research Interests: 

Evidence-Based Therapeutic Interventions
Efficacy of alternative therapeutic interventions (i.e., Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Empowerment, Hypnosis)
Validity of psychological assessment instruments for the Caribbean
Stress Management
Impact of Violence on Personality Development
Human Sexuality
Factors Influencing Educational Achievement

Professional Affiliation(s): 

American Psychological
Association Association for Integrative Psychology
Jamaica Psychological Society

Recent Publications: 

Johnson, R. A., & Coley. T. (2009). Psychological assessment.  In Hickling, F. Matthies, B. & Morgan, K. (Eds.),   Perspectives on Caribbean Psychology (pp. 632-651).
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