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How To Use GPA Calculator
  • Add courses by selecting the add course button.

  • You can enter your course code (name) by clicking in the course code field and type the course code (name).

  • Enter the grade recieved (or expected) by clicking the drop down list under the "Grade" column. click to see unofficial grading system.

  • Also enter the total credits for the course by clicking the drop down list under the "Credit(s)" column and select the credits for the course.

  • By checking the boxes under the column labeled "Sel" you are indicating the courses that are a part of your major. This enables the calculator to break down your GPA.

  • After you have added all your courses. Select the calculate GPA button.

  • It shows an overall, major and other GPA

Deleting course(s)

  • deleting all courses => Click delete all button


  • Click print button to print a copy of the results from calculator

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