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The School of Education

The School of Education, University of the West Indies, Mona delivers academic programmes and professional services in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean region.

The School provides national and regional teacher education development and quality assurance services to Teachers' Colleges and Ministries of Education via the Joint Board of Teacher Education (JBTE).

The School of Education has a threefold mission:
1. Preparing educators for national and regional education systems
2. Conducting research on educational issues and concerns and providing data to inform the educational decision-making process
3. Providing leadership in institutional development and programme quality to education systems.
A wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in education are offered by the School of Education via various delivery modes. The School’s activities also include programmes that address critical areas of need such as understanding children’s temperament and the implications for learning and behaviour modification and the assessment and treatment of exceptionalities.

The SOE is organised into four Research and Teaching clusters namely:

  • Communication and Arts Education
  • Applied Science Education
  • Foundations of Teaching and Learning;
  • Social Science Education, Leadership and Policy

The School’s accomplishments include:

  • Excellence in teaching, locally and regionally
  • Production of robust educational research on the improvement of teaching and learning at all levels of the education system
  • Significant professional outreach through Ministry of Education (MOE) curricula initiatives
  • Several successful multifaceted consultancies across the region;
  • Yeoman public service- serving in committees, school boards, service organizations, policy making arms of government and editorial and review boards.

The School of Education continues to distinguish itself as the institution of choice for teachers and education specialists who are seeking to upgrade their skills. The SOE has recently developed a number of innovative programmes in the areas of sustainable development; educational planning and policy; higher educational management; technical vocational education and training and workforce development; and early childhood education.

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