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The Doctoral Programme

The PhD degree is awarded solely on the basis of a thesis that should be a record of independent research into an original problem, showing an original approach to a problem or an original approach to a problem previously studied. An oral examination of the dissertation is required.

Before being allowed to register for the PhD, the candidate must independently prepare a research proposal and participate in the graduate level seminars. Aspects of this participation include presentations by the student, indicating an understanding of the relevant bodies of knowledge relating to the research area. If the
proposal is judged by the Faculty Sub-Committee as acceptable, a recommendation for the registration of the candidate will be made to the Board for Graduate Studies.

Candidates are required to register every year until the thesis examination is completed. Candidates are responsible for keeping in touch with their supervisors, and maintaining a satisfactory rate of progress. Candidates who fail to do so will be recommended for removal from the register of graduate students.

Post Graduate Degrees
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