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Job title: 
Lecturer – Mathematics Education


Research Interests: 
Innovative approaches for teaching mathematics
Effective preparation of teachers of mathematics
Qualifications & Experience: 

Dr. McCarthy-Curvin has all her degrees in Mathematics Education. She has over 15 years of experience teaching mathematics and she has prepared teachers to teach mathematics at all levels of the education system. Dr. McCarthy- Curvincurrently serves on the M.Sc Mathematics Board at the University of Technology and she is interested in conducting work, throughout the Caribbean, that is geared towards empowering students to use school mathematics to solve everyday problems. 


McCarthy-Curvin, A., George, L.,  & Buddo. C.,(2021). Problem Solving Within the Mathematics Classroom: Challenges and Recommendations. Journal of Education and Development in the Caribbean (JEDIC), 19 (2), 75-144.  

Buddo, C., Sheriffe D.., & McCarthy-Curvin, A., (2019). Realistic Mathematics Education(RME)Approach: Exploring Solving Differential Equations in the Learning of Calculous at a University: Journal of Education and Development in the Caribbean (JEDIC) special theme issue entitled “STEM” Education in the Caribbean: Challenges, Goals and Possibilities, 18(1), 183-225. 

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