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UWI Radio in Education Revolution

Mobilizing Radio in Education for National Development

The UWI Radio in Education Revolution is an initiative that seeks to mobilize the re-branding of the Radio Station News Talk 93 FM as a university radio through School of Education intervention and  innovation. A radio in education initiative for national development requires partnership and collaborative response that nurture stakeholders’ sensibilities for new visions and revisions that will lead this revolution in radio towards  personal, social and national development This collaboration is built on four pillars:

Pillar1:        Teaching and Learning,
Pillar2          Scholarship and Research,
Pillar 3:            Social Entrepreneurship  and Service learning 
Pillar 4 :     Language and Communication for Sustainable Development.
Today there are three innovations from the School of Education on News Talk 93 FM that paving the way and sustaining this intervention for development through radio. .   LINK News Talk 93 FM –Jamaica


     The UWI English Olympiad on News Talk 93FM   ( LINK)
     The Radio Active Classroom  (LINK)
     In Search of the Innovative Teacher of CSEC English A (LINK)
 The following objectives drive  our innovations and collaboration for national development:


  •     Creating new teaching-learning spaces
  •   Supporting the pedagogical training of teachers
  •    Developing and engaging teachers as researchers
  •   Developing and supporting teachers as innovators of the teaching-learning experience
  •    Modelling best practices in classroom pedagogy and research     
  •    Facilitating  school and ommunity-based  sustainable practices in the learning and use of  English for personal, community and national development and achievement
  •    Promoting language and literacy  as  tools for  social entrepreneurship, social advocacy
  •    promoting positive social  behaviour and mobilizing community  transformation and change
  •    facilitating development of disadvantaged children
  •    facilitating rural development through radio
  •  mobilizing national interest in and  response to educational change practices 


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