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Caribbean Journal of Education

A Comparative Analysis of Students’ Performance Using ICT in Blended versus Online Course Delivery

Publication Date: 
September 2017

It is widely agreed that the scholarship of online education is not on par with the delivery of online education. This view is expressed given the increasing rate of technological developments, as well as the various pedagogical techniques and our inability to clearly understand the impact of various techniques on students’ performance. Although online education is gaining in popularity, there is the perception that it is inferior to other modes of delivery; but a major university in Jamaica has instituted numerous initiatives which seek to dispel this perception. Hence, this study conducted a comparative analysis of students’ performance using information and communications technology (ICT) in blended versus an online mode of delivery at that university. The study found that there is no significant
linear relationship between teaching methods as reflected in the overall final grade achieved by students. However, when broken down into pass and fail categories, it was found that the blended students performed marginally beter than the online students, but interestingly, the online students achieved more ‘A’ grades. These findings could assist in the formulation of Jamaica’s National Educational Policy, as well as assist school administrators in making strategic and operational decisions.

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