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B.ED. Educational Administration

Programme Overview

The Educational Administration option is designed to enable participants to understand the basic principles governing the nature of organizations and of leadership, the administrative processes necessary for the effective management of school operations, educational planning, and the management of the physical plant.


This professional degree programme is designed primarily for administrators in educational institutions. It seeks to develop specific skills and techniques, which will improve the quality of administrative and academic leadership in these institutions and lead to the initiation of innovative practices in administration. The programme also focuses on problems of management and how to deal effectively with these in diverse educational environments. Participants can elect to focus on the secondary or primary school environments.
Students focus on the Foundations of Education and Educational Theory and Professional Specialization Courses in the School of Education and pursue content courses in Mona School of Business and Management in the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Entry Requirements

  • Diploma from a Teachers College ( No GPA requirement) – Scheme A (66 credits)
  • Applicants will have a significant advantage if they are a senior teacher or administrator in an educational institution

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Pre-Trained/Aspiring Teachers: 90 CREDITS PROGRAMME

Programme Content


Compulsory Courses


Semester 1

Semester 11

University Foundation Courses    9   FOUN1016 Must be Done in Semester 1   FOUN1016 Critical Reading and Writing in Humanities and Education Choose a University Foundation Course (FOUN1101, FOUN1301 or FOUN1201) 
   Choose a University Foundation Course (FOUN1101, FOUN1301 or FOUN1201) 
Foundation of Education and Education Theory (Core Education Course)   9     EDPS1003,EDME2006 and EDRS2007  EDPS1003 Psychological issues in the classroom  
   EDME2006 Classroom Testing and Evaluation  EDRS2007 Research Design in Eductaion
 Professional Specialization (Methodology)  21      EDEHE2908 Local Community Studies Integrating History Social studies and Geography

EDHE2912 - The Nature of History

EDHE3905 - Teaching Histoy in Secondary Schools

EDHE304 - Assessment of Acheivement in History

EDTK3004 - Educational Technology


EDHE3907 - History in Secondary Education 

EDHE3908 - Selecting Methods & Resources for Instruction in Caribbean and World History 

 Professional Specialization (Practicum)  21 EDTL1020, EDLT1021, EDTL2021,EDTL3018 and EDRS3020 1

EDTL1020 - Introduction to Teaching and Learning

 EDTL1021 - Planninng for Teaching and Learning
  2   EDTL2021 - Initial School-based Experience - The Practicum

EDTL3018 - Culminating School Based Experience: Clinical Practice

EDRS3020 - Researching Teaching: The Study

Out of School Courses 30   1

Choose two Level 1 Courses from History

Choose one Level 1 and one Level 2 Courses from History

Choose two Level 2 and one Level 3 Courses from History

  3   Choose three Level 3 Courses from History
Total Credits 90        


Career Path

Students who have successfully completed the Bachelor of Education programme are qualified to:
Teach at all levels of the education system.

  • Pursue graduate studies in Educational Psychology, Science Education, Mathematics Education, Curriculum Development, Educational Administration, Educational Measurement, Language Education, Literacy Studies, Mathematics Education, Modern Languages (Spanish Education), Primary Education, Social Studies/Geography Education, Leadership in Technical and Vocational Education and Training and Workforce Development and Teacher Education and Teacher Development and other areas in education.
  • Work as Education Officers with the Ministry of Education
  • Work as Training Specialists in Corporate Jamaica
  • Work as School Administrators

Programme Coordinators: Dr. Annmarie Wilmot and Dr. Clavia Williams McBean


Undergraduate Unit Contact Information

The School of Education
Faculty of Humanities and Education
UWI, Mona, Kingston 7
Telephone: (876) -935-8506-9 | Ext. 2506-9


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