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Language Education:English/Literature

Programme Overview


The Bachelor of Education is a professional degree with majors in :
Language Education: English/ Literature
Mathematics Education
Literacy Studies


Programme Objectives

The Bachelor of Education programme was designed to assist teachers to understand the content and process of exemplary literacy practice and the theory to organize, apply, modify, and assess literacy practices in the context of their professional role.


Admission Requirements

  • Diploma from a Teachers College ( No GPA requirement)Applicant must be a teacher of Primary Education, Literacy Studies or be involved in the management of Learning Difficulties and/or Reading Programmes in regular classrooms.
  • Two (2) Cape subjects ( 2 units each) at least one in the intended area of specialization (Literatures in English or Communication Studies) with grades 1-5- Scheme B
    Grades 1 or 2 at CSEC or grade A or B at GCE O ‘level English


Internet Access

This is an on-line programme and personal access to the internet is a requirement.


  • For applicants  with a Teachers Diploma the programme usually starts in August and runs for 6 semesters and 2 summers 
  • Applicants without a teacher training will do 8 semesters and 3 summers

Department Contact Information

The School of Education
Faculty of Humanities and Education
UWI, Mona, Kingston 7
Telephone: (876) -927-2130, 935-8505-9
Programme Coordinator: Ms Janet Johnson  

Application Forms:  complete on-line applications at









Bachelor of Education (on-line)
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