Research Seminar with Presenter Nadine McCloud-Rose

Join us at our Research Seminar as Dr. Nadine McCould-Rose presents on Does A Stronger System Of Law And Order Constrain The Effects Of FDI On Government Size? This presentation will be held on Thursday October 27, 2016 at 2:00pm in SR5. All are welcome to what promises to be a very engaging and lively discussion.

Jamaica and the IMF Beyond 2017

On Thursday 13 October 2016 5:30pm the Department launched its Policy Discussion Series at the Medical Sciences Lecture Theatre II. Speakers tackled the issue of Jamaica and the IMF Beyond 2017. visits here for more information.

Depreciated depreciation methods? Alternatives to Sraffa’s take on fixed capital

The article presents alternatives to Sraffa's treatment of fixed capital. They are based on monetary capital, a new consistency criterion and the structure of the financial system. Different prices of productions and alterations of the Sraffa system are implied. Among the valid methods are the original proposals of Marx and Torrens, which were dismissed falsely and prematurely by Neo-Ricardian economists.

Peter-John Gordon | Regulating Jamaica's Highways

Many countries, including Jamaica, have utilised the private sector in the construction and operation of vital infrastructure. In many instances, the concessionary agreement utilises a BOOT agreement. This agreement allows a private entity to build, own and operate some infrastructure and then to transfer those infrastructure to the Government after a prescribed period of time. See article

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