The Third Annual CAPE History Teachers’ Workshop will be held on Saturday 5 December 2015, in SLT 2A and B, Ground Floor, School of Education beginning at 8: 30 am.This professional development session is jointly organized by the Department of History & Archaeology and the School of Education, UWI, Mona and will be facilitated by Dr Aleric Josephs and Dr Dian McCallum
On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Morant Bay Rebellion the Social History Project of the Department of History and Archaeology, The UWI-Mona, will host from October 22-24, 2015, a Conference on the history and legacies of the rebellion. Below, please see schedule of events:
The Department of History and Archaeology congratulates Professor Matthew Smith on being awarded the 2015 Haiti Illumination Project Book Prize by the Haitian Studies Association for his book, Liberty, Fraternity, Exile. Haiti and Jamaica after Emancipation.
The Department of History and Archaeology, UWI Mona, on September 21, 2015 received sad news of the untimely passing of a much esteemed member of our family Mrs Karen Thompson Spence, Archaeology Technologist.

Staff /Graduate Seminar


Please join us this Friday 27 November 2015 for our next seminar.

This week, the Department of History and Archaeology, UWI-Mona, will host another cross-campus seminar. The presentation entitled ‘Race or Place? Investigating the Roots of East Indian Violence in Nineteenth-Century Jamaica’ will be delivered by Dr Jonathan Dalby.

The seminar will be held in the Faculty of Humanities and Education Conference Centre and is scheduled to begin at 3pm.

All are invited




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