Bachelor of Science, BScN (post RN) Blended or On-line

The purpose of the BScN (post RN) is to provide nurses who are licensed by the Nursing Council in their Jurisdiction of practice with a theoretical and experiential programme for undergraduate qualifications and as a foundation for graduate study.

The programme emphasizes:

  • a broader knowledge base
  • a deeper understanding of clinical nursing
  • the application of the scientific method in resolving nursing care problems
  • a working concept of evidence based practice
  • reflection in practice

The programme :

  • enables Registered Nurses (RN) in the Caribbean (and beyond) to attain a BScN by Full Time or Part Time study
  • strengthens nursing theory and nursing practice with emphasis on the Nursing Process, therapeutic interpersonal interventions and evidenced based nursing care
  • provides RNs with a clinical and general elective

The BScN (post RN) programme of study is comprised of a minimum of 59 credits.

Qualifications for Admission

In order to be eligible for entry to the BScN (post RN) degree each applicant must:

  1. be a Registered Nurse (certificate of diploma) who holds current, valid and active Registration in the jurisdiction of practice.
  2. take and pass the University English Proficiency Test. This examination is usually given in February at a date, time and venue set by the University