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The Phillip Sherlock Centre for the Creative Arts

The Philip Sherlock Centre for the Creative Arts (PSCCA) formerly the Creative Arts Centre (CAC) was founded in February 1968 with the assistance of the Gulbenkian Foundation and completed by the Friends of Canada. A Creative Centre was the brainchild of former Vice Chancellor Sir Philip Sherlock, who believed that the Campus should have a place for the development of the creative imagination. In 1993 the Centre was renamed the Philip Sherlock Centre for the Creative Arts in honour of the life and work of Sir Philip.

The PSCCA now holds a central position in the Cultural Studies Initiative, which was initiated by Vice Chancellor Prof. Rex Nettleford. In order to achieve its mandate, which is to provide an enriched cultural life for the University Campus and the wider community, the PSCCA organizes lectures, exhibitions and a number of cultural events during the academic year.

The student societies attached to the Centre are 

  • the University Singers, 
  • the University Dramatic Arts Society
  • the Panoridim Steel Orchestra
  • the UWI Camera Club and 
  • the University Dance Society

For further information, contact the Office of Student Services.