About Us


The introduction of the teaching and learning centre at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus (UWI) became a visible and tangible statement of the university’s commitment to improving teaching. This occurred in the academic year 1992/1993 with Dr Beryl Allen as the Coordinator, serving in a part time capacity. At the outset the unit was established in the Faculty of Education.

The Staff Development Unit at the UWI, Mona Campus was the first centre for teaching and learning at this regional institution and it was one of the first centres of its kind in the Anglophone Caribbean. Historical records associated with the Staff Development Unit indicate that the Unit became the Instructional Development Unit (IDU) in the academic year 1998/1999. There seems to have been some kind of agreement between the Medical Education Unit and the Staff Development Unit in working together to promote better teaching on campus and this led to the establishment of the IDU.

The relationship between the then IDU and the Faculty of Medicine in promoting quality teaching at the UWI, Mona Campus is now legendary. This relationship was nurtured by the founding coordinator, Dr Beryl Allen and it resulted in the medical educators playing a very dominant role in the IDU programmes, particularly, the annual teaching skills workshop.

Dr Beryl Allen left the Department of Educational Studies where she served as a Senior Lecturer of History Education and Adult Education to provide full time leadership for the fledgling unit in 1998/99 and became the first full time Coordinator of the IDU.  Dr Beryl Allen served the unit until October 2007. Dr Mervin E. Chisholm was recruited to be the head of the unit in August 2007 and Dr Beryl Allen who was scheduled to go on retirement as of August 1, 2007 graciously consented to serve an additional two months to ensure he was properly oriented into the faculty development programme of the university. 

On January 25, 2013, the IDU was renamed the Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL). Dr Mervin E. Chisholm as the Coordinator worked with the heads of the IDUs at Cave Hill and St. Augustine in securing the change of name that reflects the mission and the mandate of the Centre in a more meaningful way.



Enhancing Teaching, Fostering Deep Learning 



The vision of the Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) Mona Campus is to work with faculty to promote excellence in teaching and foster deep learning thereby enhancing student-centred learning.



The CETL Mona Campus is committed to improving the quality of teaching and learning at The University of the West Indies, Mona through face-to-face modalities, blended and online learning. To this end, the Centre will:

Provide training for faculty in the principles and practices of learner-centred teaching 

Employ digital resources to further develop and expand research and teaching activities, and information dissemination for faculty and staff

Develop the pedagogical skills of faculty, ensuring that they are able to meet their course goals and  objectives as well as the diverse learning styles of students

Educate faculty to use 21st century instructional technology tools to enhance the quality of the teaching and learning  processes.



The staff of the CETL will work collaboratively with faculty and staff to:

Partner with Campus units/centres/departments/faculties to enhance faculty development programmes, student learning, and academic excellence at the UWI, Mona Campus (Kingston, Montego Bay and The Bahamas)

Strengthen the university’s academic programmes by integrating proven instructional theory and strategies to meet the diverse learning styles and the evolving needs of our students

Identify, acquire, and integrate 21st century instructional technologies and develop multimedia and web-based resources to support the university’s academic programme



What we value as a Centre: 

  • Mutual Respect
  • Academic Integrity
  • Diversity
  • Open Communication
  • Collaboration and Teamwork
  • Continuous Learning
  • Innovation
  • Academic Excellence
  • Customer Service