Call for Papers: Post-Pandemic Challenges and Opportunities in Higher Education - Caribbean Teaching Scholar Special Issue

November 30, 2023 - 12:00am - 12:00pm

                                                                                  CallforPapersThe Caribbean Teaching Scholar Journal (CTS) is excited to announce its Call for Papers onthe theme "Post-Pandemic Challenges and Opportunities in Higher Education." We seek toexplore the multifaceted landscape of education in the wake of the global pandemic. Weinvite authors to submit their research, experiences, and insights aligned with the followingsub-themes: 1.  ContemporaryApproachestoAssessmentswithaFocusonReal-WorldApplications:·          Investigating the impact of innovative assessment practices on student preparednessfor real-worldchallenges.·          Examining the role of project-based assessments in promoting practical problem-solvingskills.·          Evaluating the effectiveness of e-portfolios as continuous and authentic assessmenttools.·          Assessing the adaptability and resilience of students through evolving assessmentstrategies.2.  EnsuringtheWell-beingofAllHigherEducationStakeholders:·          Sharing strategies, policies, and best practices for promoting the mental, emotional,andphysicalwell-being of students,educators, and supportstaff.·          Exploring the role of online counselling, mental health resources, and well-beingprograms in safeguarding the highereducationcommunity. ·          Investigating the long-term impacts of well-being initiatives and the development ofacultureofcare inapost-pandemiceducationalenvironment.·          Assessing emotional intelligence and resilience among educators and students in adynamiceducationallandscape.3.  TeachingandLearningInnovationsandCreativityinDelivery:·          Presenting case studies of innovative teaching methods during the pandemic andtheireffectsonengagementand learningoutcomes.·          Investigating the impact of flipped classrooms, active learning strategies, andcreativeuseofeducationaltechnologyonstudentparticipationandinteraction.·          Strategies for inclusive and equitable teaching in online and hybrid learningenvironments.·          Exploring the role of interdisciplinary approaches in addressing teaching challengesandfosteringinnovationineducation.4.  UseofPost-PandemicTechnologiestoEnhancetheLearningExperience:·          Assessing the impact of post-pandemic technologies, such as virtual reality,augmented reality, and AI-driven tools, on experiential learning and personalizededucation.·          Evaluating the accessibility, inclusivity, and usability of online platforms and blendedlearningenvironments.·          Investigating the role of technology in enhancing the overall learning experience andmeasuringitsimpactonstudentengagementandoutcomes.These are just starting points and authors are encouraged to explore these sub-themes fromvarious angles, conducting research, sharing experiences, and offering insights to contributeto the ongoing dialogue about the future of higher education in the post-pandemic era. Weinvite authors to contribute original research papers, case studies, literature reviews, andthought-provokingessaysthatexplorethese sub-themes.Submissionsshouldadheretothe CTS submission guidelines. All papers will undergo a rigorous double-blind peer reviewprocess.You do not want to miss this opportunity to be part of the dialogue on the future of highereducation in the post-pandemic era. Together, we can shape the trajectory of education intheCaribbeanandbeyond.Use the URL to submit:,2023.No manuscript will be considered for publication if it is under consideration by anotherjournalorifit has beenpublishedorissoontobepublished elsewhere