The Mona Ageing and Wellness Centre

Educational Conference for older adults 

The Need

The Caribbean population is ageing. The facts are:

  • The 60+ populations is in excess of 10%, predicted to rise to 15-20% by 2025 (PAHO,1996)
  • Average life expectancy exceeds 75 years (PAHO, 1996).
  • Health issues, chronic diseases and increased rehabilitation needs.
  • Social issues, policy issues, care giving, residential care, leisure activity and family supports.
  • Financial economic, pensions and increased health care costs.
  • Responses need careful planning and education of all age groups.
  • The university is well placed to play a leading role in this area.


The Response

The Ageing and Wellness Centre is committed to:

  • Policy development
  • Teaching
  • Research
  • Outreach to promote healthy ageing throughout the life course
  • Critically examine the physical and psychological issues associated with ageing and propose appropriate programmes and successful models
  • Strengthen knowledge and understanding of ageing issues across the region
  • Develop an integrated interdisciplinary programme of ageing studies within the university
  • To work with Caribbean States and relevant agencies to develop ageing policies and programmes
  • To produce and disseminate data and knowledge on age related issues.
  • Establish and maintain linkages with national, regional and international institutions concerned with and working on age related issues.
  • Provide a service to seniors through an activity programme