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Dental Clinic

The Dental Clinic which began operating on September 1, 2006, is the latest health service addition at the University Health Centre. It represents collaboration between the Santa Maria Dental Project(SMDP) and the University represented by the Health Centre.
The Principal of SMP is Dr. Anthony Lewis,
former Director, Dental Services, Ministry of Health, Jamaica.


The clinic is staffed by

(1) Dr. Lewis, a Consultant Dental and Oral Surgeon,
former Head, Department of Maxillo-Facial, Oral and Dental Surgery at the Kingston Public Hospital.
(2) Two other Dental Surgeons
(3) One Dental Hygienist
(4) Four Dental Assistants (3 dedicated, 1 circulating)
(5) Office Manager
(6) One Receptionist

Special Opening Hours

The Dental Clinic opens for patients between 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Monday to Friday, and 9:00am to 2:00pm on Saturday.

Patients are seen by appointment, but there is provision to accommodate emergencies for thirty minutes, at 9:00am and again at 1:00pm. All effort is made to avoid undue waiting by patients so patients are encouraged to respect and keep appointments they have made.


This facility offers a wide range of dental services. These include

  1. Examination
  2. Radiographs(Xrays)
  3. Oral Health Instruction
  4. Scaling and Polishing(Cleaning)
  5. Restorations
  6. Extractions
  7. Transalveolar surgical removal of wisdom teeth
  8. Periodontal flap surgery(for gum disease)
  9. Enucleation of cysts
  10. Management of dento-alveolar trauma(broken teeth)
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