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Education & Training Division

The Unit's short-term programmes meet the societal, business and personal development needs of Executives, Senior Managers, Professionals and key workforce members. The Firm offers a wide range of short courses from Advanced Project Management and Supply Chain Management Principles to Business Plan Writing and Professional Selling Skills.

The Professional Services Unit offers specially Customized Training and regularly Scheduled Programmes. These courses are organized by Series through the Education and Training Division:

We have Solutions for your Organization

Committed to continued professional development, the Professional Services Unit provides tailor-made solutions to meet your objectives. We provide high-impact programmes that can be customized to meet the bespoke needs of each organization.

Customized Training is comprised of:

  1. Short courses delivered “as is” from the scheduled courses to client organizations
  2. Short courses based on modifications to the contents of scheduled courses
  3. Short courses designed to fit the special needs of clients