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Emergency Contacts

University Switchboard

To call the university, dial (876) 927-1660-9 (unless a telephone no. is specified) followed by the extension of the person or department you wish to contact.

University Operator
(876) 927-1660 ext 0

UWI Security/Emergency Numbers

Department Telephone Number
Campus Police tel. 927-2298
Campus Security tel. 784-8881
UWI Health Centre tel. 970-0017
University Hospital of the West Indies tel. 927-1620 -9
Office of the Director of Security tel.970-6700; 970-6698; 970-3232
HRMD - Health and Safety unit tel. 935-8556; or ext 2556
935-8681 or 935-8356
Office of Student Services and Development tel. 970-2739
Estate Management Department tel. 935-8366
Policy Emergency 119
Fire Emergency 110
UWISERT Ambulence Services (6pm - 6am) tel. 3946494
Hurricane Update 116

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