Programme Updates 2014/2015
This year there have been no significant changes to the majors being offered, with the exception of the Major in Applied Plant Sciences which has been replaced by the Major in Plant Biology. Three new minors have been introduced: Minor in Coastal Ecosystems, Minor in Animal Biology and a Minor in Terrestrial and Freshwater Ecology (expanded coverage of conservation biology). The Minor in Plant Biology replaces the Minor in Plant Sciences; the Minor in Human Biology is no longer being offered.

Additionally, we have revised ZOOL2402 Animal Physiology and it is now being offered as a Level 3 course.

Majors & Minors for 2014/2015 details
Revised ZOOL2402 Animal Physiology details
MSc NRM-Mate

Summer School 2014
The Summer Programme for this year runs from June 2 - July 11, with examinations set for July 14-31. Students can register for the full course, for the course with practical exemption or to sit the examinations only...more details

Our Mission

The Department of Life Sciences seeks to realize the University's mission by making available, through excellence in teaching, research and outreach, high quality education and training for students of biology such that they are prepared to function as biologists in the regional and global arena.


The department aims to:

  • provide a range of advanced courses in the disciplines it embraces to students with a good general education.
  • provide coherent and rigorous programmes of study which extend over three or four years depending upon qualifications at entry.
  • expose students to recent developments in both theoretical and practical aspects of the disciplines.
  • train students in the use of scientific thinking and methodology as an effective approach to interacting with, understanding and affecting the biosphere.
  • use a variety of teaching and learning methodologies in the process of delivering its programmes of study.
  • employ a range of assessment methods and techniques, to enable students to demonstrate the depth of their understanding and their capacity for independent thought.
  • give guidance to students during and on the learning process as well as on the approach to the various disciplines themselves.