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Management Consultancy Division



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The Professional Services Unit works with clients to build sustainable and profitable businesses. Our Team offers a comprehensive suite of business advice, strategy and management improvement services. Our consultants take the time to understand your position and future goals, to help you bridge that gap, create achievable goals and produce meaningful and profitable results.

The Unit provides clients with business advice; designs policy and procedures manuals; performs economic studies, surveys, policy studies; and creates strategic plans and key performance indicators.

Our Executive Search practice identifies and attracts talent and skillset to your firm by deep industry and functional experience. We are equipped to manage your executive search and recruitment process for all levels of employees. We care about your organization and are prepared to help transform your business by aligning strategy and goals with processes and technology, using applied research, industry best practices and the right team to create strategic and business plans, execute them and achieve efficiency, productivity and profit.

Our consulting services are led by the market demand for business restructuring and transformation of the large and medium sized organizations and MSME’s in the Jamaican economy.


We help companies to achieve greater productivity and to maximize growth and profit. We provide objective advice, ideation and strategy to help organizations identify areas for growth and development. Our services include:

  • Re-engineering to create, agile, effective, productive customer centred firms.
  • High-level advice, strategy and guidance to the Board of Directors or C-Suite.
  • Developing and implementing change management strategies.
  • Producing feasibility studies and sustainability plans.
  • Managing projects in service, farming or manufacturing enterprises to meet targets.
  • Bringing start-ups from plan to reality.
  • Executing management audits, operation audits, efficiency, and work rate assessments.

We create the tools, techniques and systems for company growth and success. Our Strategic Plans and Business Plans allow companies to track growth, establish budget and prepare for unforeseen changes in the market. We also create multi-year:

  • Business Continuity Plans
  • Enterprise Risk Management Plans
  • Production, Farm or Factory Plans
  • Financial Plans
  • Marketing Plans
  • Marketing and Communication Plans
  • Plans for other functions of the firm

As leadership requirements continue to evolve, MSBM ConsultingTM utilizes a combination of deep industry and functional knowledge with empirical academic experience, to find suitable candidates for your company. We recruit high talent persons for public sector, private sector and NGOs across CARICOM and internationally.

Our consultants assess market availability, use comparative benchmarking and candidates who have the required qualification, experience and expertise and are the ideal cultural fit.


These services may be conducted for:

  • Technical specialists and experts requiring proof of competency
  • General staff recruitment to assure the desired qualities and skills
  • Access to local, regional and international talent

We create suites of manuals for the firm, department or agency. We design policy and procedures manuals with comprehensive text that details every step in the company’s operation. These services include:

  • Accounting Manual
  • HR Personnel Manual
  • General Administration Manual
  • Marketing and Sales Manual
  • Procurement Manual
  • Office Management Manual
  • Production and Factory Manual

We perform socio-economic studies to identify relationship between human needs and economic activities and social life. Policy studies may include analysis of policymaking process, applied research, impact studies, project evaluation of programme and policy design. Studies may be guided by surveys conducted independently, and statistically analysed to draw meaningful research conclusions. These services may include:

  • Surveys and policy development research at community, national and regional levels
  • Social and economic situations and produce set deliverables
  • Surveys and polls of various market phenomena
  • Impact studies to include gender, disadvantaged LBGTI, child, adult or adolescent

Our Company secretarial services help businesses to stay in good standing and ensure records are up-to-date. These services include:

  • Annual filing
  • Statutory reporting and charges
  • Company registration
  • Trade name registration
  • Brand research and registration
  • Creating logos and marks
  • Protecting Intellectual Property