The Department of Surgery, Radiology, Anaesthesia and Intensive Care is a multidisciplinary Unit  striving for the highest expertise in all areas of its clinical practice. Our patient centred professional  practice is supported by a research thrust that is geared towards a greater understanding of indigenous  health issues and their management. Our co-emphasis is on the teaching and training of undergraduate  and postgraduate medical professionals, who we encourage to share our ideals. We seek to encourage   collaborative links with other health professionals and institutions as we expand local clinical competence   and research capability. As a department we encourage the development of ideas through wide discussion  and seek to involve our members in all aspects of university life. We know that we have a responsibility to   Jamaica and to the wider Caribbean community to provide sound academic, ethical and professional leadership  because our status is a privileged one in a developing society. We will use these principles to promote   academic excellence, to provide public service, to support innovation in management styles and to  generate mutually beneficial partnerships.

 Our Vision

 The Department of Surgery, Radiology, Anaesthesia and Intensive Care must evolve into a student centred,  research oriented multidisciplinary unit. To achieve this we intend to improve facilities for both our undergraduate and postgraduate clinical training, increase the quality of our research and ensure that the department is on the cutting edge of technology providing all modern therapeutic and diagnostic procedures for its patients.

 We will achieve this by:
 1. Fostering a closer relationship with our students to ensure that the department and its members become role models with strong interest in the welfare of students.
2. Building an environment within the department that is conducive to quality research.
3. Ensuring that through a practice of evidence based medicine, everything that we do is  based on science.
 4. Inculcating among our staff and students the concept that the patient’s interest comes first.
 5. Using new technologies to improve administrative and academic processes in the department.
 6. Through outstanding practice and outreach enhance the reputation of the department of Surgery
 and the faculty of Medical Sciences as an institution which provides leadership in the field of medicine
 and quality care for its patients.

 Strategic Focus

 In keeping with the strategic objectives of the University of the West Indies and the faculty of Medical Sciences, over the next three years our efforts and resources will be directed towards implementing the following strategies:
 a. Student-centredness
 b. Increased research output.
 c. Expansion of new technologies to improve academic and administrative processes.
 d. Development of a sustainable quality assurance programme
 e. Increased national, regional and international visibility.
 f. Staff development through proper human resource management.
 g. Capital development.