The Accident & Emergency Dept. deals with many different illnesses and injuries.  You should only come here if your problem is urgent and needs urgent treatment.  You should ask yourself  “could my local doctor deal with  this problem?”   if the answer is “yes”, then you should see him or her, rather than have
a long wait in the A&E.

    We do not see everyone according to time of arrival. Patients with more  serious problems must come first, no matter when they arrive. Triage is  a term used to describe the process of sorting patients into groups   according to the urgency of their complaint. An experienced nurse   ( The Triage Nurse) will assess  you soon after arrival. They will do  any first aid that you need. Then you will be placed into one of three groups.

    1)    Patients who need immediate attention with extremely serious injuries or illnesses who might die if not treated immediately. For  example cardiac arrest, multiple injuries, heart attacks, severe  bleeding or fractures, or severe asthmatic attacks. These patients are triaged  under immediate status.

   2)    Patients who need urgent but not emergency treatment. These are  patients who have severe but not immediate life threatening injuries or  illnesses and who need to be treated fairly urgent for example moderate
   dehydrated patients ---) these patients are triage under intermediate status.

  3)    Patients who need the skills of our staff but do not need urgent   treatment. These are patients who will not deteriorate if they have to  wait for treatment. For example sprains and strains, simple cuts and   most ankle and arm fractures, cough, colds and second opinions. Long   term problems should be seen by your local doctor unless he or she  has referred you to the Accident and Emergency department.

  With your help, understanding & patience you can help us to help you.

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