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Principal's Message

Solidifying UWI’s Stake in Higher Education

    The University of the West Indies, Mona is undergoing an impressive period of development and growth. As the nation’s leading tertiary institution The UWI, Mona bears the significant burden of setting the stage for improving and redefining the quality of higher education being produced in Jamaica and the region.

To this end, over the past three years we have embarked on critical restructuring and redevelopment process that has helped us to improve our influence in higher education, while also allowing our researchers and scientists to make an indelible mark on the social, economic and cultural development of our country. Teaching and learning remain our primary focus; and as an academic institution we are committed to providing our students with access to world class education in an environment that is on par with some of the world’s most distinguished higher learning institutions.

Our new mandate has thus been underscored by a theme of positive change. We have implemented new academic programmes across our faculties that now meet the educational needs of our 21st century student. From new degrees in sports related fields and film production to enhancing our programme offering in business, medicine, and law, The UWI is transforming into a tertiary institution that caters to all the academic demands of our adventurous and innovative students.

The UWI has also embarked on a significant structural enhancement programme that will provide our students with access to state-of-the-art teaching and learning facilities, tools and equipment. This is a necessary step to improving our teaching framework as positive and critical learning can only occur in an environment that is conducive to the education process, and which will allow our students to challenge traditional thought that will push their boundaries of thinking and learning to greater heights.

In order to facilitate this critical redevelopment of our teaching and learning framework, and improve our general operations, The UWI has sought financing from a wide variety of sources. Our relationship with the private sector has improved significantly, and as a result various companies across Jamaica have funded scholarship programmes to assist some of our most deserving students. In recognising the need to enhance our infrastructure many private sector companies have also contributed substantial funds towards establishing new student housing as well as study and leisure facilities for the Campus. The Mona Campus community has also benefitted from financial support from international governments, NGOs, as
well as local and international private research facilities that have committed themselves to helping us improve our programme offerings and access to critical educational technology. We have enjoyed a positive and mutually beneficial relationship with our neighbours in Asia who have funded several new academic programmes geared at improving cross cultural knowledge and education. Our work with research facilities has enabled us to develop a robust research agenda that will allow us as a nation to lead the pack in scientific exploration in the region.

The advancements that our scientists have made in identifying the medicinal uses of some of Jamaica’s most renowned herbal plants, and the patents produced from these discoveries, have aided in funding several other projects and educational programmes that will provide for the sustainable development of our nation and the region. Collectively, the funding opportunities provided by these private and public sector actors have enabled the UWI to significantly improve its operational capacity and its ability to provide the highest quality of education to our students.

The UWI’s focus on education and community development remains a critical aspect of our institutional development plan and we will continue to seek out opportunities to ensure that we are able to support the growth of our nation. The past three years have illustrated that we have the drive, know-how and skills to set the stage in providing the best tertiary education in the Caribbean. Our path for the next three years and beyond will solidify our stake in higher learning so that we can continue to produce graduates who are poised to become global industry pioneers.

Professor Archibald McDonald
Pro-Vice Chancellor & Principal
UWI, Mona Campus

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